Felipe Kastegliano Artist of the Weekend!

Here we go again! The following weekend will be special as well! We nominated Felipe as our Artist of the Weekend because we believe he has a lot to show you! Our guest from a 'different space' will rock your world with his smashing mix at 18:00 GMT on Saturday and Sunday which is 7 pm in Britain! Learn more about him and check the interview he gave especially for EILO radio! Happy Summer!

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waxavok says: (21 Nov 22)

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philipshugues says: (18 Nov 22)

Felipe Kastegliano is an artist and an author of children's books who has been drawing and british assignment help for more than two decades.

jensonjones says: (12 Oct 22)

Ey! Here is the artist of the weekend! congrats, Filipe, for your great music.