CATJAM Special Guests in Artist of the Weekend!

It is time to rock the jazz, funk and soul channel again! This time our friends from CATJAM will do the job for all of you! Being one of the most recognisable duos in the UK in the Electro Swing genre they kindly accepted the nomination from EILO radio to be our Artist of the Weekend and to prepare a smashing exclusive mix for the show. This year is super busy for them so we are definitely privileged to have them with us. Don't miss their show this weekend to learn more about them from their interview they gave especially for EILO and don't you dare miss the special mix at 18:00 GMT which is 7.00 p.m in Britain!

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partgross says: (09 Aug 22)

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fellowshi says: (26 Jul 22)

It's high time to turn up the volume on the jazz, funk, and soul channel! This time, our friends from CATJAM are going to do the work for each and every one of word hurdle you!

ciscocap says: (21 Jun 22)

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akrammordeaa says: (01 Dec 21)

Rocking Time