Infectious près. The Quarantine

when: 20 Nov 2014, start: 22:00 - 21 Nov 2014, end: 04:00 where: United States, New York, Hotel Chantelle, 92 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002 entrance: Free


The Wig, Panooc, SAES, Kike Mayor, DJ Rooster, Luke LoCastro


This is a Public Service Announcement.

The ATTDB virus has arrived in New York City and all those infected are being gathered and isolated from society.

The ATTDB virus (Addicted To The Drum Beat) has spread to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We are in the process of testing the cure: the infected will be quarantined at Hotel Chantelle on Thursday, November 20th.

Doctors The WIG, Panooc, Kike Mayor, DJ Rooster, Kevin Saes and Luke LoCastro will be providing free auditory relief to the ear cavities of the infected with the penetration of deep low frequency bass lines, four to the floor beats and liquid saxophone injections starting at 10PM till 4AM.

Get Infected. We got the cure.

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