Woody van Eyden

Woody van Eyden has got no music in his blood. In his case, there must be blood flooding through his music somewhere. From his birth on, July 1963 in Weert (NL), he is fascinated by music and being surrounded by a very musical family adds to that. At the age of 15, he is already DJ-ing at discotheque Joy in the Dutch city Roermond. As one of the youngest DJs in the country he wins various DJ-contests, becomes regional champion in 1981 and South Dutch DJ champion in 1982. Nevertheless he successfully finishes his study for retail trade buyer with two years of Marketing training. But its obvious, Woody prefers a musical career and turns his hobby into his profession.

In Summer 1984 Woody travels to Ibiza and turns discotheque Angels into a public magnet with his fully energizing DJ-style. After this successful international debut, he spends four months in Belgium and three months in the UK. He spins the decks at well known clubs and further developes his technical skills. Next Summer, Woody returns to the Balearic island as the resident DJ of club Extasis.

Woody van Eyden decides to settle in Germany and is celebrated in several German clubs with his mixture of bursting trance, Balearic beat and elegant, funky house grooves. His name on the flyer is a guarantee, first to fill the house and later that night to bring the house down! Woody becomes resident in several clubs, makes DJ tours all over Europe, and begins to organize Acid and Techno parties with DJs from the UK being flown in to Germany. In this way, Woody van Eyden establishes himself as party planner. At the same time he benefits from his Marketing training and becomes responsible for booking and management of various DJs.

In the mean time, Woody fulfills another dream by completing a production under his own name. In 1987 his debut track, Party All Night by Deejay Woody, sees the light. A rap song with the music and the lyrics written by himself.

Not getting away (nor wanting to get away!) from the Balearic Islands, Woody combines his spinning and managing talents in 1994 on Mallorca. He gets a residency at the legendary Riu Palace, and is also responsible for all Riu-parties in the next four years. Under his supervision, 68 DJs and 12 live acts are brought to the Riu Palace, and many of these parties are broadcast by Dutch and German television. Unnecessary to say (but this is a bio, so we do) that Woody also turns the tables himself at all these events.

In 1993 Woody van Eyden becomes acquainted with Andr Tanneberger (later known as ATB), and an extremely successful co-operation follows. First of all, Woody becomes a member of Sequential One, a rave sextet that hits the dance and sales charts several times. So from that moment on, he also inspires his fans on CDs. Andr and Woody develop a warm friendship and together with Uli Spacekid Poeppelbaum they found their own label in 1996 Clubbgroove Records (Bochum, Germany). The three work together (for and with each other) as producers and remixers. And so Woody is, with other co-producers, responsible for the megasuccess of ATBs tophit Killer. Additionally Woody signs - among others various topacts for Clubbgroove, such as Rank 1, Bad Habit Boys, Alex Morph and others. For thirteen years Woodys Music and Artist agency has been occupied with all management tasks and bookings for ATB.

DJ demands for Woody van Eyden increase, resulting in bookings from Malta to Miami, from Scheveningen to Sydney and from Russia to Abu Dabi. His quality to bring euphoria to a packed floor of party people is nowadays recognized and respected all over the world.

The list of productions for which the active Dutchman is responsible, is as convincing as it is long. Therefor the list is added separately to this bio. One release deserves highlighting: the charity project United Deejays in favor of the hurricane victims of tornado Mitch (1998). For this project, Woody was responsible for producing the main version together with Andr Tanneberger. In addition, his name is also demanded as a remixer. Just to quote only a few examples from his extensive remix-list, Woody improves ATBs Don't Stop and also puts his hands at songs of the Outhere Brothers, Andy Moor, Bad Habit Boys and Solarstone.

In July 2003 Woody celebrates his 25 year anniversary as a DJ. 1300 friends, VIPs and guests (all dressed in 70s look) throw him a huge party at club Mudia Art in Essen (Germany). Especially for this occasion, his debut production Party All Night is remixed by friends and performed live.

In the same year Clubbgroove activities come to an end, but a new label is born: Fenology Records. This purely trance oriented label becomes a highly successful platform for Alex M.O.R.P.H.s releases and Woodys own productions. His Unfinished Symphony reaches the number 1 position of the German, the Dutch and other dance and sales charts. Other recent top tunes are SI-N+R-JE and The One. In his studio he produces for artist like Scirocco, ATB (various album tracks and remixes over the years), SQ1 and Talla2XLC (singles Manifesto, Carry Me, and remixes for Alex M.O.R.P.H.s Consequense and for the uplifting trancer and chart breaker New Harvest).

one further remarkable item, is the founding of the School for Engineering and Audio Producing (SEAP) in 2004, growing to an international well renowned institute. Ehm.. did we say last item? No way. We do not want to skip the fact that Woodys Music&Artist Agency also creates award winning websites like www.atb-music.com and www.alexmorph.com, other artist and label websites (CJstone, Fenology, Phattucini) and developes software (i.e. an on-line bookings manager and an e-news programme).

In Sept 2005, his co-operation with ATB stops. Even this good, long and very successful period must come to an end, Woody says. And the reason is clear: Woody wants to focuss entirely on his Back 2 Back career with Alex M.O.R.P.H. DJing, remixing and producing together. And entirely means entirely, so Woody also quits the SEAP institute. His continues his artist booking, management and multi media activities. And the tag-team-combination Woody&Alex grows to a hell of an act! Resulting in bookings, releases, but above all: pounding dancefloors all over the world.

Woody van Eyden. A busy man, who hardly has time for his hobbies, but who lives for his passion: music. And whos success has a simple reason. Like he says himself: I live my dream and not dream my life.