Stefan Wietek (aka Weichentechnikk) discovered his love for the electronic music in form hard core of a Compilation at the tender age of 13 years. Already short time on it grew in it the desire to produce this hard machine sound once. Short hand the first Producing software on the domestic computer installed and in such a way lasted it also not long, until it could draw the first electronic tones from its PC. Its sound should be different; a kind border experience from fast driving Beatz and the dark atmosphere its loved hard core CDs. Its productions enjoyed in such a way of increasing popularity with music portals such as Mp3.de, Uptraxx or MyOwnMusic and were it also only one question of the time, until the first labels knocked center 2004 its first two EPs 'WAD one' on Stefans Tuere and it (Annihilated Prod.) and 'Rauchy Bitch' (Crowbar) releaste. And its place in the Playlists of some 'hard liners' as for example DJ Rush, which did not ensure last, found latter catapulted it formally in the Olymp of the again formed Hardtechno municipality that the name 'Weichentechnikk' should be soon on the entire globe a term Hardtechno Urgestein and Crowbar Labelchef DJ Amok had proven a correct Riecher with the newcomer, because few months after the publication the EP was completely out of print already. Straight this EP probably belongs to the also further grandiosen releases on labels such as Crowbar, Brachial, Animasola or DarkForceRecords to Stefans' absolute favorites. When the demand continued to increase with the time to want to see the typical brachialen Weichentechnikk sound also times -live Stefan with its friend and Brother in Mind Marwin Segeler did aka. Forest house together.
The connection of the forest house and Weichentechnikk chemical resulted in an explosive mixture, which gewungen already soon so some club Pa on this side of the globe into the knees have. If the two come on routes, it hails crude Beatz (sometimes) beyond the 170bpm-Grenze. It's fuckin hard but that's the way they wanna lake US. Alone of course unbeatably, but in the duo hell on ground connection!!!