Waldhaus, born in 1985, is one of the younger talents of the Hard Techno scene. After listening to beat oriented rock in his childhood, he got quickly caught by the mid 90ies dance and trance music. Inspired by the TV broadcast of the Mayday festival in 1998 , he started DJing, at first trance and acid to hardtrance and techno and took his first steps into producing.

Realizing, that techno was too soft for him, Waldhaus started to search for a harder sound on the internet, where he discovered music from DJ Amok, Chris Liebing and Sven Wittekind, that inspired him. He got in contact with Amok, who offered him his first release, on Crowbar Records in 2004.

Since then, many other successful releases followed. Meanwhile Waldhaus widened his musical horizon and sources of inspiration, from the nearly compulsory Aphex Twin and Autechre to Jazz and Classical music, and has developed his own unique and instantly recognizable sound, a bold combination of Hard Techno and Industrial Hardcore.

In 2005, his EPs on Artillery and Toolterror established Waldhaus as one of the greatest innovators of the at that time somewhat stale Hard Techno sound, and secured his name among the top players. Both records were played by all major DJs and can be found on various compilations. 2006 continued likewise, some tracks on V/As followed and Waldhaus' new record on Artillery is to be released in the end the year and already gained DJ Daisy's attention, who put a track from it on her Deuteronome Mix CD.

For performance, Waldhaus, either teamed up with partner-in-crime Weichentechnikk or alone, unleashs an uncompromising Live tour de force of brutal beats and viscious sounds on his ever growing fanbase. He has played all over europe with bookings in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, Spain, Austria and more to come. He takes his audience to the limit and beyond with what can be described as borderline Techno spiced with Industrial and Hardcore. Waldhaus' motto is: "You can always push it a step ahead." And he proves it.