Underdogz is the new live act that consists of DJ Lukas and Malke which combines music and energy in a constant flow of visual and musical waves. In this live-act there is a perfect symbiosis of electronic elements which incorporates the use of e-drum, an indispensable instrument used throughout the genre. Here is a little background of both well known and stablished artists:

Lukas is a reference in worldwide techno scene. This brazilian combines a great musical choice with his great and talented way of mixing, fullfilled of tricks which harmonize his sets and make them a spectacular experience. He has been playing in main clubs and festivals around the world. But this isn’t enough for him, he always wants more and, therefore, he starts this project with the musician, and also good friend, Mario Malke.

Malke is stomping hard nowadays. Related to music since he was very young, Mario Malke is what we can consider an obsesed of music world. He started playing the keyboard, passing through drums, since he discovered hard techno and the electronic music. It was when he decided to mix his two passions: drums and hard techno. Now he starts with Lukas this groudbreaking project inside the current scene.

Expectations are building for the premiere of Underdogz and it is completely understandable as this is the first time in DJ Lukas' career that he will partake in a live performance! This performance will be composed in conjunction with the DJ, producer and musician, Mario Malke.
In their repertoire, are new remixes of tracks like "You Try Me", accompanied by new unpublished tracks made by these brilliant artists.
Keep tuned in to this live-act as this couple will revolutionize the concept of 'live' as we know it!

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Underdogz Dj Set at Amb ..

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Underdogz remixing Arkus P.


Arkus P. - UNDERDOGZ RM ..

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Bassbottle - Frown (UND ..

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UNDERDOGZ - Profit prev

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