Team 2M jr.

Meho jr. (aka 2M jr.) & Mary are both born in Rijeka. They started back in 1982 as commercial DJ's in well known discotheque in Rijeka, Croatia. Most of the time they performed the "new style". By the end of the 1980's they changed more and more to a new chapter in music history: to electronic music. At the beginning of the 1990's each of them went its own way: Meho jr. chooses to try his chances in Italy and he worked there for the few years. Mary moved to Germany and worked there as a DJ/Producer.

By the end of the 1990's they got back together again, and started with joint experience to work as the Team 2M jr. at regional Radio station with broadcast "DJ TIME" and at regional TV station.

Both of them prepares a few young DJ..s in producing electronic music, from which they start collaboration with Miss Squo and Boscko who joined Team at the beginning of 2000. They are young and talented DJ..s who can play a range of styles letting loose a turbulent assault on the senses.

Today, all together they are roughing up the national/international techno scene with their dj-project name Team 2M jr.

Their productions are as powerful as their dj-sets. Most of the time they play their own production.

They music has been published on labels like TST,Technosforza,Schranz,Golden groove. A digital label Fiume beat is Team 2M jr. own new net label. It was born at the beginning of 2007. Till now thay published on it 9 albums.Also they release on other net labels like Algophobia records, Record Delivery etc.

They started project named „MY SPACE FRIENDS MIX“ were they mostly promote new & upcoming DJ's/producers who share some interest for hard techno music.

It is very important to mention that they use newest devices of technology in their work and playing, and that they have a big team behind them who does their videos, design, photos and technical support. They finished two techno music spots. They also work in promotion of music events and happening and cooperate with well-known Croatian and international performers.