TaTvA Kundalini

‘TaTvA - Element (Metal/substance - devnaagri) Kundalini -energy - according to various teachings is believed to be a type of hidden "corporeal energy" stored at the base of our spine’

Genius can be measured in a number of ways: ability, originality and accomplishment. In TaTvA Kundalini’s short career he has managed to touch on every cornerstone, leaving proof of his musical competence at producing big trance, progressive and tech-house tracks, along with a unwavering motivation to better the quality of music being distributed.

This has not gone unnoticed, with DJs like Fady Ferraye, Moshic, Cheb I Sabbah, Bobby Friction, State Of Bengal, Pathaan, etc.

From Indian Descent he was born and raised in Delhi, India which he still calls home running his studio from there.

Classically trained in a range of instruments at an early age provided Tatva with a catalogue of creative skills including the keys and the guitar strings—which he learned to play at the tender age of 6—guitar, Keys and Vocals practically making him a one man band.

When not working diligently on his label Chill Om he will be found in his studio messing around with Cubase/Ableton developing his craft.

With Numerous Outstanding energetic Performances in India, from headlining the Biggest Festivals in Europe, Moscow, Russia, Bahrain, Europe to Slamming the super clubs, this man has done it all in the short span of his career as a LIVE ACT!

For TaTvA Kundalini, the connection was instinctive. Music took him like a surge of snapping electric vibrations and flooded and overflowed - the energies froze and fused and froze and transpired a dynamic and electrifying crusade. It's all a rebound; fiery like a ball of fire’

Tatva-Kundalini’s basis of being alive and kicking has been to spearhead the radical. Having Played with some of the best artistes from around the globe such as ‘Vibrasphere’, Liquid Soul, Fady Ferraye, Osmani Sounds, Nasha, Midival Punditz, Kliment, Cheb I Sabbah, Dj San to name a few!

Dig his Progressive, hybrid of traditional ethnic-electronic instruments and the dance energy that is laden with layers of musical genres.

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