'Never following trends'

Founder members of the formidable NITZER EBB and champions of their own standout early electronic, techno sound; Simon Granger & David Gooday continue to push the boundaries of their individual take on electronic music.
The EBB had many tracks remixed by everyone, from George Clinton to William Orbit and their unique sound Still being played by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Nina Cravitz.
 Now after many years of hard work, David & Simon are now creating music under the STARK Banner.

With releases on Superfreq, Laila, Music, Right Nut, Zwiling, ASTRX, Anecdote and their own imprint STARKFuturesRecordings, run with close friend Paul Fossett.
 After their first performance at Superfreq Calais and Superfreq @ Fabric they have been Steadily performing more live shows at parties around the country. 
Expect a groove of fractured electronic music and a whole lot more.... a live act definitely not 
to be missed.

TRIVOCAL EP (Laila Music)

Momo (Superfreq)

Meeting of Minds EP (Laila Music)

Mr C ­ The Future (STARK Remix) (Superfreq)
Velorum EP (Superfreq)
Can't Write/Smitten With Dust (STARKFutures Recordings)

Thing Don't Stop EP (STARKFutures Recordings)
Non Quantized EP (Anecdote Records)
Burnt By Numbers EP (STARKFutures Recordings)
A STARK Reminder EP (Right Nut Records)

It's Over Remix (ASTRX)

Method with Madness (Zwilling Records)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hi guys! Really pleased you accepted my invitation to be our special guests in Artist of the Weekend! Tell us who is staying behind STARK?

- S: STARK are Simon Granger and David Gooday. I am Simon Granger.
- D: That would make me the other David Gooday.

How did everything begin with you?

- S: We have been friends for many years, since the early 80’s when were both involved in Nitzer Ebb, and STARK is now me and David making music. David taught himself with software and machines and asked me to get involved.
- D: For me it all started when I was in my early teens My Father was a singer so I guess it influenced me to do music as well, we started Nitzer Ebb when were young and it has never left my system. So when I started to think about doing another project I asked Si to join in, that was the beginning of STARK My Original Music and SI came up with the name.

What were your music influences back in the day?

- S: Soul, Punk, Gospel, Funk, Rock-steady, Go-Go, James Brown, David Bowie, Trouble Funk, DAF, George Clinton, Donna Summer, Kraftwerk, Ramones, Robert Hood, UR, Maurizio, Deepchord, Echospace.
- D: That is not an easy question for me, everything is probably the answer, From Soul, funk, disco, reggae, through Punk into neubauton, a lot of the early Mute artists, it’s an endless list.

Do you think being an artist is something you born with or is it something you become?

- S: Good question! It’s more of a feeling - we are not traditional artists - but we try to make an emotional connection with people by using machines to create music where you can lose yourself for a little while.
- D: I think It’s just a feeling that’s in you and if you embrace it, it happens.

How would you describe the global dance scene at the moment?

- S: Too big, too safe, too corporate. It’s become a product and a lifestyle. The best music is always underground and is a reaction against the obvious, and the good side is that there are hundreds of people around the world now making music and playing music just for themselves and their friends and these small networks slowly become linked. We may never even hear it but it’s good to know the spirit to resist and question is still there.
- D: To categorized Lets just dance and enjoy.

Are there any artists you really admire?

- S: Moritz Von Oswald, Brian Eno, Sasu Ripatti, Paul Mitchell, Octave One, Deepchord.
- D: Murf, Mr C, Peter Dutch, Lo, Again an endless list for many different reasons.

How would you describe your style?

- S: Upfront, percussive minimal electronic but always with space and tension. It needs to have the funk. Sometimes it’s techno, sometimes more house. Usually quite dirty.
- D: Groove driven Funky bad ass Tech. LOL.

Can you try to describe the feeling when you are behind the dj booth?

- S: It’s a good feeling. Times passes so quickly. When we play, we play live, so we are not sure 100% what is going to happen.
- D: Concentration, feeling the room to see what’s working.

Do you think you are leaving a trace behind and do you think this is important?

- S: I’m not sure we are influential in any way - but I think we do show that there is a slightly different way of doing things. Rather than play someone else’s records why not buy a cheap sequencer and make your own music?
- D: That’s another Hard one, for me I feel I have already left my mark many years back with Nitzer Ebb, so now it doesn’t matter to me, I guess it would be nice to think maybe we do.

How exactly are you getting ready for a gig?

- S: We just turn up and play usually, I never feel nervous as I trust David completely. Sometimes we have a sound check, sometimes not! We are just part of the crowd before and after playing.
- D: Turn up plug in and Roll.

Would you like to share with us what do you do in your free time? Is the music still involved or you are trying to switch off completely?

- S: We both work full time, so we only do music at the weekend - and it is the best thing doing that. I listen to music at home, mainly ambient, Eno, Harold Budd, and contemporary classical like Steve Reich, Max Richter and soul and gospel. For me, all this music is connected anyway.
- D: Write music, Run the label, listen to demos, Sleep, ignore all the negative shizz.

What does it take to become a good Dj? Is mixing as a skill is the only component?

- S: I really don’t know! You can become very proficient, almost too good, then no-one can tell who is playing. Or you can seek out your own music to play, make mistakes, go against what the industry says and make something really genuine, but it might not fit in. Mixing though can be a way of making a new record out of two or even four - we have a friend MURF who plays like this, making music as he goes, you never even know what the original tracks were.
- D: I think Si got that covered.

Please tell us about your future projects. What should we expect from you?

- S: We have a sister label called STARK Editions - that will be putting out electronic music that has been played live, or is a one off live mix that someone may have done. Some of these products will be available as physical media, on memory sticks, CD and vinyl. Plus, we will continue to play live and develop Starkfuturesrecordings too.
- D: I have a project alongside Stark called A MONO TONE and will be trying to write some more tracks from that side of my feelings.

Hope you have a very special year ahead! EILO supports you!

- S: Thank you, EILO for talking with us. You have a special year too.
- D: Thank You.