Project SOM has been formed in far 97 year by one person and in a consequence the unique participant - Andrey SOM. In the beginning of career this pseudonym was used for DJ performances in the Moscow clubs, and a number situated near Moscow. Interest to electronic music of dews as well as technics of data that has led to reasonable interest - as all this music is created at a professional level! Up to the beginning of career DJ - there were experiments on creation of own tracks, but for not a manor of technologies and first of all a computer, record of tracks occured by imposing the separate written down paths from a magnetic tape on a magnetic tape! About quality and speeches could not be.

All has changed in August 1998 when Andrey has got the first computer and 2 synthesizers. Experiments with a sound have begun, and is fast enough, has achieved some successes in creation Trance of compositions. In parallel project SOM has written down some remixes for domestic and foreign musicians. Gradually, Andrey begins the second stage of the DJ career, and by the end of the same year is the resident 2 the Moscow clubs. Search of musical style proceeds in a flesh up to 2003 Where the final decision is accepted in favour of psychedelic soundings.

It is possible to consider 2003 the beginning 3 a stage in career of project SOM. Alongside with usual DJ performances where the material of foreign musicians is played, gradually Andrey starts to include in set's the tracks. Work above improvement of quality of sounding of a material proceeds. For two years - it has been written enough for a debut album " Contact your mind " which has left on the Internet label PsR in July 2006. The same year Andrey creates promo group " Positive Reaction " which basic direction becomes carrying out of thematic parties and Open Air. Later the promo label"Positive Reaction rec." is created - On which leave promo releases and as record of own tracks is made, mastering, etc.

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