Simoon is in the music business ever since he turned 15, when he initially realized that music is his avocation. He started DJ`ing at home and developed skills in many fields of electronic music. His initial nickname was Audiomnml, since the first stiles that fitted him best were Minimal Music and Techno. Then he began arranging parties at his hometown, where his star shined for the first time and the audience was thrilled by his performance. Famous Dj`s like Gary Beck, Adem Beyer, Sven Vath were his example of a stunning stage performance and unique talent, and his initial inspiration.
Currently, Simoon`s style involved to a point where he includes deep house, tech house, techno and a bit of progressive/electro house in his work, always including the freshest records on the global scene. His sets are quite energetic and technically perfect.
Throughout the years, Simoon was invited to take part of different types of electronic music events in his home country Bulgaria. He also played at night clubs in different cities, including the capital of Bulgaria.
Simoon played his music at clubs together with famous DJ`s such as Ahmed Sendil, Andrea Roma, Bentech, Vid Marjanovic, Instigator (UK), Paj (UK), and domestic DJ`s Balthazar and Jack Rock,Thermo , JOY, Birben and Provocative many others.