SHT / Alexander Tzankov

Alexander Tzankov, otherwise known as SHT, or sometimes called DJ Щ, gets involved into the underground drum & Bass, during the year 2007. Then he decides that this is the music which he will support and realize from now on in his life.

In 2009 he met two other comrades and they start the BassBoxCrew project. These people are Basshazard and Javi with whom he decides to go public on the Bulgarian drum & bass scene. Their first event is a success and from here on his addiction towards the heavy sounds and fast paced rhythms gets more and more powerful.

3 years in a row the guys form BassBoxCrew go in the lights with a number of parties. Aside the circumstances and different problems, During that time the crew gains new coming and going members like Scop, Lunatik, Harsher and Enclave.
Three years later he is now in a new organization called Techsys, which stands for its cause and style. This is an entirely new project leaning towards many new events and releases including production from its members.

Sht is producing since 2009 and is in the process of establishing his dark sounds, making him a pretty convincing dnb performer. For the moment he has a few releases on the labels Demon Rec. & USSR Recordings.