Ronny Pries

Netlabel activist since '96, brain behind .schleudertrauma. and _rohformat, mentor of Thinner, supplier of demomixes for NI's Traktor software, co-founder of the demogroup Farbrausch, has his fingers in instruments from AudioRealism, last not least game developer, acid house addict, curator of 'Traktorized' on mth.electro at Has family, is father, based in Hamburg/Germany, consumes too much espresso, dislikes writing. Often seen at coffee bars, football- & playgrounds, IRC/ICQ, KVRAudio, & continues his first life @ Second Life.

Lurks behind names like r2dj, Ron Mc Coy, Breitbannt, rktic, Kann Kuhn, Alan Dowell, Compiler, Hiroshi Mitosha, Was ist was?, Floyd T, 2 kids and a sampler, Frame, RP, Ronny Priest. Physically spread his tracks via Superstition, Bash, Forte his own labels t- & rohformat as well as digitally through Phase D., BMP, Dreamsource, Level D, Thinner, Realaudio, One, .schleudertrauma. & _rohformat. Brought mayhem to clubs and events such as Unit III (resident), Tresor, Club Prag, Kilowatt, Object, Robotron, Sky Club, Simplon, Vario Club, Tanzdiele, Bar227, Love Parade, G-Move & Planet Pro.