Sebastián Pazos aka Rex was born the 31 December of 1981 in Buenos Aires. He started in electronic music back in 1995, influenced by rock, pop, funk, disco, bossa nova, soul, acid jazz. He heard from drum & bass/jungle to minimal & acid house, techno (Detroit) & House (Chicago y San Francisco) having the opportunity to hear the most influential people in those styles.

In the ending of 1998 and beginnings of 1999, progressive arrives to Buenos Aires and its there when Sebastian starts defining his sound and gets serious with djing. In 2004 Rex and Kintar unify to give shape to this duet. They started making music as Deeploee (Progressive house with influences of Deep house and Tribal ) 2005 is the year when Rex founded SUDAM with Jonatan, a net label wich is specialiced in Progressive Sounds and giving support to many artists around the world.

Today SUDAM is a great team which is working to sell on its own Store, different styles of music such as Progressive, House, Tribal, Break, Downbeat, Soundtracks, also works as an Artist Agency with many people associated with this music (Dj's - Producers - Vj's - Singers - Musicians).

Currently SUDAM Crew is working hard to present in May 2009 SUDAM new Website 2.0 with a lots of new features, supporting different music styles which are currently being forgotten. Rex have a monthly Radio Show at Frisky Radio (USA) called "Sudam World" with his partner Kintar. Actually Rex is playing worlwide leaving his message behind the music, sometimes with Jonatan like "KINTAR & REX" who were the creators of the progressive Resistance Movement. Now Rex is working hard in the studio in his own stuff.