This party freak, who's been living for music since his early childhood, penetrates deeper and deeper into the global electronic music scene. He is one of the rare artists that have not been occupied by the new minimal sound, but have kept their original style. With his unique energetic driving techno releases and remixes in the last 2 years he became without doubt one of the best new driving techno producers. In the year 2008 he was constantly occupying top places on all of the leading techno charts like Trackitdown, Audiojelly, Juno and Beatport with most of his releases. He is also a co-owner of the techno label Penetration Nation Records, where he presents his own creations, which are supported by top techno and trance DJs around the world.

Reaky was born in 1983 in Maribor, Slovenia. At the age of 7 he has discovered synthesizers and his musical journey has begun. He started experimenting how to make music on a synthesizer and learning how to play on it in music school for 7 years. Later in the mid 90's he became fascinated about electronic music, started listening commercial trance and house and gave up music school as he grew tired of playing only classical music and old hits.

Already as a young boy his dream was to become a great music producer and a DJ. When he turned 16, he finaly got his first PC, installed primitive programs like Modplug tracker and Rebirth and immediately started producing music. It was back in the year 1999 when a 16 year old boy was already producing hardcore and drum n'bass. It was in the same year that Reaky visited his first underground techno party and from that moment on a new era began… Reaky became totally fascinated about hard minimal techno, which was very popular at that time, and immediately started producing it. As the years went by he tried producing almost every style of electronic music like techno, trance, electro, breakbeat, drum n'bass, hardcore, house, dance, downtempo, minimal, schranz… and through years of hard work and gaining experience he formed his unique driving techno style. In the year 2000 he set up his first primitive turntables & mixer and started practicing playing techno. Some months later he already preformed on small local private parties and in 2002 Reaky was booked in clubs all over Slovenia. Later that year Reaky founded Techno Jugend Organization together with his friend and organized some nice parties in club Martin Krpan in Maribor (Back to Dreams, Virginity 2).

While taking a little break from organizing, he became a resident on »Confusion« party series in club STUK in Maribor, which quickly became one of the most visited parties in Maribor at that time. When spring 2003 came, Reaky got some very nice bookings in Austria and this was for the first time he played outside Slovenian borders. He also entered the first SYLD (support your local dj) competition for best slovenian newcomer DJ and with big support from partypeople he made his way to the finals. In the meantime he also got his first record deal, one of his tracks was supposed to be released on a German techno label Giant & Dwarf, but unfortunately the label stopped releasing vinyls before the track was out, so it was never released. From the year 2003 till 2005 Reaky was a co-promoter of very successful Mature Minds parties with 500-1000 party freaks on the dancefloor in club Martin Krpan. Year 2004 was very busy for Reaky, he was playing almost every weekend in almost every Slovenian club and also abroad in neighbouring countries becoming one of the most booked slovenian techno DJs in that time. But the next year was the worst. Schranz started dominating the techno scene and there were almost no place anymore for DJs with driving, groovy, funky techno. So it was time to do something about this and in spring 2005 Reaky established an organization Sonic Reactor with a purpose to promote talented techno DJs and try to arrange more performances for everybody with mutual help. At the same time Reaky's productions were becoming better and better and in september 2005 he finally got his first vinyl release. Track »Fseko« was released on Omega Audio Recordings owned by greek techno DJs Axel Karakasis and Spiros Kaloumenos. By the end of the year he also entered the »Dr.Motte - Open your mind« remix contest ( and won the 1st place. In 2006 Reaky started again with organizing quality techno events in Maribor. This time in club STUK with his partner Rotation group. The parties called »Euphoria« became one of the hottest events in Maribor inviting techno DJs like: Eric Sneo, Ignition Technician, DJ Preach, Marko Nastic, Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Aitor Ronda, Darkrow, Pedro Delgardo, Stephane Signore, Mary, Ruslan Mays, Peppelino and many more...

All this Reaky's hard work with organizing and promoting techno parties since 2002 was a big contribution to techno scene in Maribor. Year 2007 came and after 8 years of producing Reaky was finally satisfied with the quality of most of his newest tracks, so releases started coming out more often. He also established his own label »Penetration Nation Records« together with his friend, dj & producer Mark Ankh. By the end of year 2008 Reaky has already released his driving techno tracks and remixes on labels like Penetration Nation, Omega Audio, Yin Yang, Insane Life, Analog Mode, Propulsion, Standbite Music, Emphatic, Soul Access, DJ Special Needs, Ambig, Sound Evolution, Drakos, Techment, Keep On Techno, Invalid Error, TMM... Most of his releases were very successful, constantly dominated top places of many techno charts and played by the biggest techno and trance DJs on the planet. One of the 2008 successes was also appearance of Reaky's track »Absinthe party« on FIRE IT UP mixed CD compilation by superstar Eddie Halliwell, joining the names like Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn, Chris Liebing and others on this CD. Right now Reaky is becoming internationaly recognised by his unique driving techno tunes. Instead of being seduced by »minimal mania« as most of the electronic artists in the world, Reaky preserved his original unique techno style and he is still even improving it. His primary goal in life is to continue creating quality music, contribute to electronic music development and to make the crowd go crazy with his driving trax all around the planet.