My name is Raya Popova and i am from Plovdiv, Bulgaria...

I`m involved with psyhedelic trance since more than 4 years.I compose from around 3 years like an amateur and just for pleasure i started to play on partyes.My biggest participations `till now are Mati Zemlya 2 fest with Goa Gill,where i`ve played on the second stage(for 1st time),Umaia with Talpa&ATMA live in PULSE and Earthdance fest.2006 at vitosha mountain. Also many other little and big partyes around.

My first passion for that kind of music were the uplifting and goa trance,which still are my greatest passion,then the full on and more dark sound has fascinate me. I`m playing FULL-on,GOA and sometimes Dark psyhedelic as well,according to time,place and mood. that`s all

RaYa @ MySpace