Q-Man (aka Entactogen) was born in 1978 and grew up in the small town of Klingenthal. There was nothing than forest, a bar and a rock music club. Bored of this desert, Q-Man and a couple of friends started to explore the techno scene in the cities. Fascinated of these parties he moved to Berlin and celebrated techno music with his mind, body and soul.

Q-Man bought two turntables and started to spin records. Then his attention zoomed in on the growing netaudio scene. He was impressed by the freshness of this music and the passion of the artists. After concentrating more and more on mp3 mixing Q-Man founded Zerinnerung (which became Mixotic later) as the first pure dj mix netlabel. Q-Man's style cannot be pressed into the chains of a strict definition, it's more about transporting a feeling of energy combined with strong emotions, he kicks your ass but never forgets to touch your heart.

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