Psynthex is a 26th years old sagittarius, living in Portorose – Slovenia. He has started his music journey in the year 1999, when he has discovered various electronic music.
He started to play and make some easy pounding beats of techno sound with a mixture of electro inputs. But soon moved his ears, hands and sound to progressive psy. Psynthex started to create his own style at that time. In 2005 some invitiations came to play at some clubs over Italy ( Trieste, Milano ) and in a few festivals over Slovenia. After his name get stronger and music came more recognisable from his side, soon more people asked him to play in their clubs, countries, festivals. From 2005 till 2007 he has visited some parties & festivals worldwide. Some of them should be mentioned: Turkey, Spain, Austria, Russia, France, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Italy.
His style became really his. Many people loved his grooving symphonies, punding beats and dancable morning sound. His touch of the clean mixing and track selection makes many people happy in all time of the day. While hearing his music playing, you cant even feel the ground. Only legs and arms are moving. On the face is only smiling a recognisable part of a good music, which is playing loud and doesent even stop at all. You should try it one day. In the end of 2007, IONO music have invited him to play under their name. So on the end, every struggling became a reality. His connection with Iono-music is like a dream come true.