Phonic Request

Family name: Decaesteker
First name: Wilfried
Age: 31
Nationality: Both French
Occupation: Producers, Composer.

Musical Style

Wilfried is born in france in 1977. As a teenager, his love of rocknroll rapidly led him to play the guitar. Training day and night, his hard work began to pay, and he started to play in an acid jazz band. But in his research of novelty, he rapidly put aside his guitar and started tweaking machines and producing electronic music.

He's been composing trance since 2003.
Experienced french composer, Wilfried Decaesteker shows us the extent of his talents in sonic alchemy by delivering his first long play effort; Invasive Process.
Phonic Request constantly accumulated releases licensed on renowned labels as TIP Records, Ketuh, Hypergate, Quest4Goa, Hadra, Parvati...... until signing his second album on Portugal based label, Hypergate Records..

Other Project :

Early Reflections witch Akhoa "Psychedelic Night Music"
Krugger Flaps Witch Pierre Principles of Flight "Electro/Progress Music"


Will played in : France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Columbia, Italy, Russia and more


Compact discs (cd):

Mahogany Records: Phonic Request - Invasive Process (2006)

Appears on(cd):

Fractal records: Sidhartha – BioRhytm (2008)
BooM! Records: Principles Of Flight - Night Time Lullabies (2006)


Hypergate Records : Le Chantier (2008)
BooM Records: Battle of the Great Oak Principles of Flight (Phonic Request Remix 2008)
BooM Shanka Music: Space Pirates Revolution (2008)
Hypergate Records: Versus Galaxy (2008)
Nun Shaker Records : Break fast (2008)
Peak Records: Peak-a-Doodle-Doo (2008)
Quest4Goa Records: Skylab (2007)
Sonic Motion Records: Motion Sensor (2007)
Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Goa Vol 19 (2007)
Mahogany Records: Mysterious Force (2007)
Hadra Records: Hadracadabra 3 (2007)
Peak Records: Utopeak (2007)
Addic-Sound Productions: Propagation (2007)
Hypergate Records: Signwaves (2007)
Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Goa Trance Vol 6 (2006)
Tip World : Imagi:nations - Day (2006)
Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Goa Girl Vol.5 (2006)
Hadra Records: Twisted Vision (2006)
Tip.World: Imagi:nations - Night (2006)
Parvati Records: Psy Stories II (2006)
Fractal Records: Brain Chemistry (2006)
Kethu Records: Hyper Spatial Chrysalis (2005)
Magma Records: Groovy Manipulation (2005)
Parvati Records: Psychedelically Yours 3 (2005)

Vinyl 12inch singels (ep):

Metamorphose: Phonic Request - Metamorphose 001 (2006)
Metamorphose: Phonic Request - Metamorphose 00 (2006)

Vinyl long play (lp):

TIP.World Records: Compilation - Imagi:nations - Day (2005)
TIP.World Records: Compilation - Imagi:nations - Night (2005)


For Booking :

Wilfried Decaesteker
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