The Underground Sound of Madrid ‘03 compilation! Those 2 mixes become “ground zero” in my electronic growth. My first “contact” with professional dj tools was just a joke request from one of my friends. After 3 hours of changing the cds from my car on this strange players with a hundred buttons I started to feel the “relation” between me and the people, who were dancing non – stop all the time.

The relation that made me change my music vision, the relation that gave me the unhuman fever everytime I play, the relation that now give me no chance to stop doin’ it. Last seven years on the decks I’m trying to capture the energy of the House Music and give it on the dancefloor. Now I’m looking for a way to transform this energy in musical waves of joy for the people. Not some fashion, not the scene, not genres or clubs – just the Music and the People… nothing else matters...