I was born in 1984 at Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a great love and deep connection with electronic music since early childhood. A fascination with the dance rhythms and a wide variety of electronic styles that evolve with each passing year, made me start to deal with mixing and DJing. In my mixes you can hear both melodic and rhythmic Deep and Tech House, and a firm and underground sound of Minimal and Techno styles, served with passion and love for music. My live debut was in early 2015 at Cosmo Club (Sofia).

At 2016 I has supported with opening set for Cosmic Boys at Fabrica 126 (Sofia) and played in the Official After Party at Wake Up Sofia.

At 2017 I took part in Shark & Smirnoff F2F DJ Battle at Live & Loud (Sofia) with the following jury consisting of the following artists: DJ Soulplay, DJ Gagalove, DJ Feelgroove and DJ Dian Solo from Deep Zone Project. I reached the final round and won the second place of the battle.

At 2018 I started my producing career with debut release for Alberto Ruiz and his Label Stickrecordings.

So far I've had gigs in several clubs around the country, playing solo in a small clubs and take a part of bigger events too.
I've played at Plazma Club (Plovdiv), which is is Bulgaria's legendary destination for quality clubbing, with the best bulgarian and foreign DJs playing every single weekend in the club. Also DJing at clubs like: Fabrica 126 (Sofia), Wake Up (Sofia), Bar Zar (Sofia), Live & Loud (Sofia), Culture Beat (Sofia), Oscar Club (Sofia), Marrakesh (Pernik), STIX Bar & Billiards Club (Sofia), Che Guevara (Pernik), ex Cosmo Club (Sofia), ex Chervilo (Sofia), ex The Wave (Sofia), and etc.

I’ve had gigs with Bulgarian artists such as:
Christian Craken, Dennis Smile, Petar Pavlov, Metodi Metodiev - MVM, DJ Choizz, Cardioactive aka Yonkov, Too Dirty and etc.

I am a founder of the small music & events platform called Future Story. In our Future Story events so far participates several bulgarian DJs:
Momo Dobrev – Resident DJ at Plazma Club / Producer and Founder of the record label Phraser Records
Rossi BG – DJ at New Wave BG organization
Ed Koev – DJ and Founder of the conceptual events organization EOS
Avgustin – DJ and Producer for Get Physical , BodyParts , Sanguina , Moan , System108 , Osmosis , Draft LTD , Tagged , Related , Gipsy Music
Peppou – DJ and Producer for Set About, 303 Lovers
Yoko Love – DJ at GrooveLab, Love Vibes and Co Founder of New Wave BG organization and Wave Records
Shadowmaw - DJ and Producer for Phobos, Subios, Crypt Music

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