Paul Kwitek

Paul Kwitek is defining a vast musical landscape. Integrating infectious groove-based dance music with the sounds of nature, exotic instrumentation, immersive soundscapes and soulful vocals. His techniques have resulted in unique musical experiences that are laced with visual imagery, raw energy and soulful emotion.

A producer, DJ and composer under the Existence Records label which he founded, Paul Kwitek is quickly evolving the musical language of progressive, house, ambient and chiillout electronica and setting the course towards new directions. He is mastering all creative and production aspects that make up successful musical projects. Kwitek’s full-length album Qualia for example, is composed of uplifting dance tracks, cinematic melodies, ingeniously integrated sound effects and dreamy yet grooving ambient cuts – Qualia’s depth, maturity and power mirrors the many directions of Kwitek’s musical character.

Kwitek’s keen understanding of music and production began when, as a youngster, he experimented with music, tape recorders, record players and keyboards. He also developed his musical acumen by immersing himself in techno and electronic music at raves, parties and clubs. He completed his diploma in audio engineering from the Trebas Institute in Toronto and made his giant leap forward in 1995 when he produced his first track.

Since then, Paul has been relentless in producing a constant stream of very well received tracks and expanding his musical range by cris-crossing different stylistic and melodic genres and coming up with a unique and versatile sound. Some of his more notable releases include Lublin, the anthemic Black Ocean (Featuring Roxanne Morganstern), Voodoman (Featuring Michelle Chivers) and Don’t Forget all under the Existence Records label. Paul’s remixes are highly prized, he has infused new energy and polish into the works of other artists. Kwitek’s keen sense of the right elements of sound and production have also enabled a number of successful collaborations with the likes of Neah, Roxanne Morganstern, Michelle Chivers, Deep Forest, and many others.

Paul’s remix of Deep Forest’s Sweet Lullaby was a runaway bestseller in the eminent online music stores such as iTunes, Beatport and Napster. Paul Kwitek also continues to hone his skills with DJ tours, hosting a regular podcast for Proton Radio and seeking out new acts as A&R head for Existence Records. There is definitely a lot to be excited about as Kwitek has a number of projects in the pipeline for 2010.Watch out for second studio album thats anticipated to be released in summer of 2010.

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