Ouzo the band / Ouzo the band

Hello We Are Ouzo the band From Greece Where Can we send you (if you please) our new album (named Ouzo the band 2). We have some songs that we thing fit to your station.
We can send you the links for downloading at any bit-rate you wish. The story for this new album is here


We are sending links for 4 songs at 256kbs to get an idea

Ouzo the band - Forever

Ouzo the band -Revolution

Ouzo the band-Somebody Watching Me

Ouzo the band-Relationships

Ouzo the band are
-Karidakiss Georgios
-Naria Nancy
email : ouzotheband@gmail.com
Web : www.ouzotheband.com
Sosial: www.facebook.com/ouzotheband
mobile: 030 6937524200
PS: Greece has been going through a huge economical crisis over the years as you’ve probably heard on the news and to no surprise, the ones that have been affected mostly are musicians. In a manner of solidarity any support from the ones who can afford to give, will be greatly appreciated! Cheers !