OOOD (aka. Out Of Our Depth) are 4 blokes from England whose mission is to have a good time, spread a little joy and write some blinding psy-trance in the process. Originally formed in 1994 by Colin Bennun, Nigel Bradbury and Stephen Callaghan, the current line-up is Colin, Steve and new members (but old friends) Ramsay Melhuish and Ryokan Potier. As well as being talented DJs they bring an extra live element to OOOD's live shows, adding live drums, percussion, guitar and psychedelia. A live band from their inception, OOOD have been gigging since they formed in Oxford, honing their craft at local events. Their very first performance in London (at Otherworld) was described in Dream Creation magazine as "bang on, with a power and a quality all too often lacking in some of the more well-known atists". On the UK party circuit their performances include live sets at Glade, Wickerman and Beat-Herder festivals, Synergy Project, Tribe of Frog, Cabbage, Strange Daze, Otherworld, Return to the Source, Escape from Samsara, Pagan & many many others.

OOOD's first release was on Phantasm Records in 1996, with their collaborative side-project Unconscious Collective subsequently releasing one of Flying Rhino's biggest-selling tracks, 'Fluorostani Transcendance' later that year. Nowadays the dancefloor side of both acts is combined into OOOD, and the Unconscious Collective remains as a focus for the more eclectic, often chilled-out but always inventive non-trancefloor output of the group. With up to 6 people on stage and musicianship of all kinds very much in evidence in both OOOD and Unconscious Collective, they have performed live (in various combinations) all over the world from New York to Japan via South Africa, Israel and of course the UK and Europe. Recently they played at Omni Festival in Spain and in South Africa for the Vortex/Prism New Years Eve Festival 2004-5.