Mistress Jade

So about me...well, basically, I have loved electronic music my whole life. I grew up listening to it as a kid and I got heavily into it once I started high school. I started going to parties about 5 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I started spinning last year, playing mostly hardcore and hard trance. Even though I am a hardcore and hard trance junkie, I didn’t see myself progress as quickly as I wanted to. I messed around with different genres, but I never found my true passion.

Everything changed when my friend gave me an amazing psy trance compilation. I haven’t listened to psy trance for years before that and I realized what I’ve been missing out on. I immediately fell in love with the genre again and decided that that’s exactly what I wanted to spin.

My re-discovery of psy trance was indeed a blessing and I found my true calling as a DJ. I needed to enlighten people the same way I was enlightened by this amazing music. My quest continues...let me take you on a trip