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Mehmet Akar was born in 1985 in Istanbul. Electronic music listeners for many years with a good Jack, listened at the beginning years of the 2000s that attempted to perform Music for the first time. Some small events and house parties and found opportunities to prove himself. In this way, Mehmet's, it did not take very long term and recognized by the venue. To continue this ordinary life with educational vital in Eskisehir and he set his life and more time to work on his muscial taste more closely and began to deal more professionally. In 2005, named in a short time talking to online radio DeepSounds founded. success of the radio in a short time on earth as well as DJ and producer of many electronic music listeners to also achieved to attract the attention..

Progressive and house compounds, particularly the world-famous resident dj DeepSounds's many names are included on the list. Add a plaque next to the radio company in 2007, Mehmet, so DeepSounds and Records are the foundation.

in the begining of 2008 re-started to music Mehmet, world's most recognized online radio station offered him a montly based show. This way his professional experience had another step. In this special show, with high performance brought him, huge success. Frisky Radio in October of 2008 was anounced Mehmet, the artist of the week. The gig is still one of the best shows and voted and played on christmas eve. in 2009 friskyRadio offered him regular show which was the huge success for Mehmet. The first hour of this program is still ongoing Mehmet, is appreciated worldwide for the second time both local and foreign DJs with flour mixes you can listen to special guest 2nd Resurrection, with each month's first Wednesdays Turkey time at 16:00 on Frisky Radio.

Mehmet also begin very soon production, his remixes basically with many original pieces and appeared on DJ sets and their monthly bases charts and supported by : Dj Tarkan, Jody Wisternoff, Darin Epsilon, Sarp Yýlmaz, Kintar, Michael & Levan, Cassino & Laben, Aeron Aether... and many more Mehmet performance continued living, many famous foreign native different places shared with love of music.

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Release Date : October 16th, 2017
Label : Perspectives Digital

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From the banks of the Bosphorus, Mehmet Akar has been involved in the creative arts from an early age at his Istanbul home. A breakthrough year in 2011 saw him become a finalist in Sasha's "Cut Me Down" remix competition for Burn Studios. Fast forward to 2017 and releases on Last Night On Earth, Stripped Recordings, and Outside The Box are complemented by a debut for Perspectives Digital. "The Mind Decider" is a chunky groove-laden offering that revels in laidback percussive cadence as a distinct arpeggio filters into sonic range. Accompanied by a breathy female vocal and pounding rhythmic bassline, the hypnotic offering creates a rising tension that snaps and crackles with impressive intent.

Mehmet Akar

The Mind Decider (Origi ..

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Mehmet Akar

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