Matias Giunta

His real name is Matías Giunta. Born the 21st of july of 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It all started when he was 11, from the comments of some friends about a music with unique sounds. Afterward, he began to listen to and to become influenced by this not very well-known music: electronica. This new musical concept would have a great impact upon him. The first genres to influence him were techno, hard house and trance.

He is currently more into house, progressive, tribal, deep, breaks, ambient, chill out, down tempo, atmospherics and melodic as well as “groovy” sounds. As a result, he started to become interested in creating his own tracks, so at the age of 14 he finally released his first single, after repeatedly failing due to his lack of knowledge in the subject. However, this could not never stop him and he started to make his own productions.

As of 2001 he has been “trying out” several genres in order to find his true style in electronica. In addition, he has been persistently trying to perfect his sounds in order to achieve a better quality in his productions and also get to be edited by a record label.

This dream finally came true after he released his first production named "Travelling in my mind" by Republica Records with a remix by Bobby Deep, a very well-known greek producer.
In his quest to find the genre that would make him identifiable within the electronica scene, he realized that he could not shut himself in in just a single music genre. He then decided to split up his different sounds in three pseudonyms: “Mr. Rhodes”, influenced by deep house sounds, “Crazy Man”, more associated with “groovy” sounds, and last but not least, “Matt G.” reserved for the rest of the music styles, such as progressive house, ambient, experimental.
He currently keeps on striving to improve his sounds and review the wide variety of genres in electronica.

His productions have been edited by the following labels:

- Republica Records (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
- Elite Records (DF, Mexico)
- Batuque Records” (Miami, USA)
- Montenegro Recordings (Torreón. Mexico)
- Music Taste Records (Bogotá, Colombia)
- Home’s Art Music (Marseille, France)
- Jetlag Digital (Hannover, Germany)
- System Recordings (New York, USA)
- Sudam Recordings (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
- Mistique Music (Tbilisi, Georgia)