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Owner and head of the long-standing Nordic Trax label, Luke McKeehan has steadily established himself as a true innovator in the world of house music. With over 70 releases spanning the past 15 years from artists such as Gavin Froome, DJ Heather, Morgan Page, The Revenge, JT Donaldson, Alexander East, LawnChair Generals, Hipp-E, Halo, Swayzak, Kirby, Jay Tripwire, Joshua Iz and many more, Nordic Trax has quietly become one of the most respected labels in electronic music.

The year 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of Luke’s globally recognized Nordic Trax brand, and if recent output is any indication, the music has never been better. DJ and radio support continues to pour in for Nordic Trax releases from the likes of A-list selectors Luciano, Mark Knight, Kenny Dope, DJ T, Mark Farina, Robert Owens, King Britt, Terry Francis, Nick Holder, Abyss, Diesel, Fish Go Deep, Graeme Park, Franck Roger, Nacho Marco and many more.

A producer and globe-trotting deejay in his own right, McKeehan was named among the Top 50 Artists & Entertainers in Vancouver. Besides his own headlining sets Luke has been the opening act of choice for music royalty on tour including David Bowie, Bassment Jaxx, Jamiroquai, St. Germain & Kaskade to name only a few. His mixed-CD ‘Many Shades of House’ received a near-perfect rating from DJ Magazine, who exclaimed "The love affair continues with this latest Nordic Trax gem". Label releases have been widely licensed and clients include Fabric UK, Nike, Defected, Turbo Recordings, Om Records, Sony, Queer As Folk, PIAS, Global Underground, Alliance/Atlantis, Showcase and more.

History: A product of Toronto’s warehouse scene in the 1980s, Nordic Trax founder Luke McKeehan’s contribution to Canada’s ever-growing dance culture runs deep, while his innovative deejay sets and productions have earned him fans worldwide. Having founded and operated two of Vancouver’s ground-breaking nightclubs for electronic music in the 1990s (The Chameleon & Sonar), Luke continues to be one of the strongest advocates for Canada’s electronic music community. He is also the promoter behind many quality events in Vancouver under the Nordic Trax banner and has hosted everyone from Kenny Dope, Carl Craig and Groove Armada to Lee “Scratch” Perry and Maceo Parker in his near 20 years of event production.



Artist Releases:
2011 - Mature Minds Ft Rankin Youth 'Concrete Castles' (Nordic Trax, CAN)
2010 - M.V.P. - MUSIC (LawnChair Generals Music, US)
2000 - Josh & Luke Present - THE NEW CPU EXPERIENCE 12" (Nordic Trax, CAN)
1999 - High Fidelity - CREAM OF BEATS - Remixes 12" (AFRO ART, UK)
1998 - High Fidelity - RECYCLING THE BLUES EP - 12" - (Nordic Trax, CAN)
1998 - High Fidelity - CREAM OF BEATS - Remixes 10" (United Eye, IRE/GER)
1997 - High Fidelity & Pilgrims of The Mind - NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART 12"/CD (Nordic Trax, CAN)
1997 - High Fidelity - BREAKING POINT - 12"/CD (Nordic Trax, CAN)
1996 - High Fidelity - SOLAR FLARES EP - 12" (Sweet Mother, US)
1996 - High Fidelity - THE STASH EP - 12" (Sweet Mother, US)

DJ Mix CDs:
2008 - Various Artists - MANY SHADES OF HOUSE Vol. 2 MIXED BY LUKE McKEEHAN - 2XCD (Nordic Trax, CAN)
2004 - Various Artists - MANY SHADES OF HOUSE MIXED BY LUKE McKEEHAN - 2XCD (Nordic Trax, CAN)
2001 - Various Artists - LAZY TRANSMISSIONS : Mixed by Luke McKeehan CD (Nordic Trax, CAN)

2006 - Jay Tripwire 'C U Bownse - Double Bogey Remix' (Nordic Trax, CAN)
2006 - Eelco & Olaf 'Jazzy Ya - Luke McKeehan Nordic Trax Remix' - 12" (S-Sens Records, FRA)
2005 - Carol Pope - DREAM 6 - Luke McKeehan Remix - CD (Play Records, CAN
2003 - Lester – WHERE'S MY HONEY – Luke McKeehan Remix 12" (Nettwerk, CAN)
2002 - Scott Findley - Deepen It (Luke's Late Nite Mix) - CD (Nordic Trax, CAN)
1998 - Strange Voices - STRANGE VOICES High Fidelity Remixes - 12" (Sweet Mother, US)
1998 - Data Tracks To Distant Cities - MULLIGAN Double Bogey Mix - 12" (Nordic Trax, CAN)
1997 - Earth - TALAHASSEE - High Fidelity/Nasir Remix - 12"/CD (Sub Pop, US)
1996 - 3Xinfinity - WONDERLAND Sabotage Remix - 12" (Sweet Mother, US)
1995 - Coco Love Alcorn - NEW WORLD UP - Mo' Funk Remix - CD (Mo' Funk, CAN)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hello Luke, pleased to have you on a board! How and where are you now?

Thanks for having me! I'm currently in Valencia, Spain. My girlfriend and I split our time between here and our home base in Vancouver, Canada.

It will be really interesting for us to know more about you. Where do you come from and what was like to grow up there?

I was born in Stratford, Ontario. It's a small town close to Toronto, and is famous for the Shakespeare festival. Both my parents were in the arts and part of the theatre community there when I was born. I was raised mostly in Toronto with some time spent in Ottawa. Since my university days I have been based in Vancouver, which is on the West Coast of Canada and has changed immensely in the 20 years I've been living there.

I suppose these are ones of those frequently asked questions but we can not miss them. When was your first touch with music? How did everything begin with you?

Music was always around. At the earliest point my Dad was involved with a collective called Perth County Conspiracy in Stratford, and on one of their albums there is actually a photo of everyone involved in the community, and you can see a small baby Luke. So maybe I was destined to run a record label and be involved in music. My own personal tastes developed later in childhood leafing through my Mother's collection of records. Besides classic albums by Joni Mitchell & Bob Dylan, were all the jazz records: Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Miles Davis -- this became an early soundtrack to my youth. At the same time I listened to all the Beatles records and I guess was soaking up all the musical traditions embodied in all these diverse influences.

Who was your biggest influence back in the day?

Personally it has always been my Mother. She raised me pretty much on her own. She worked hard behind-the-scenes in the theatre (which doesn't pay well, like many jobs in the arts!) and never complained or asked for credit. She always does the right thing and always has time to discuss ideas. Thinking about the big picture: politics, arts, culture, business -- they are all the inter-related and you can't dwell on one without seeing how they affect each other.

Musically when I started to collect records as a teenager until the present day without a doubt it's George Benson. I like the improvised nature of jazz, but I like harmonies and good song-writing equally, and he can do all that and so much more. He caught flack from jazz purists for singing and "crossing-over", but music should be about bringing people together and so I'm glad he didn't listen to the purists.

Now let me get you back to present day. What is your opinion about the world of dance music?

I've always deejayed but I have always also promoted events and been involved in what we used to call "club nights". And so I feel I have a unique perspective on what has happened to this music in the last decade or so. To me it's like the Dickens line: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." On one hand due to technology and the rapid decline of the "old" music business, we have never had more access to electronic music around the world. But on the other hand, the money from the "old" business didn't just give up and go away. In fact the big guys just consolidated their power and put most of their money into the live/performance side of the business. So for example, 10 years ago if you were a successful independent artist you could actually make a living from selling your music to your fan base, doing some licenses, taking in money from publishing and
of course playing gigs. Now, pretty much all artists (big and small) are making 90% or more of their income from playing live, and all the rest is peanuts and will not pay your rent.

So what does this mean for independent artists? Well first of all since two companies dominate the live music space in North America & Western Europe you basically have to be doing music that appeals to the "talent buyers" at these massive companies. So if you don't like Coke, there's Pepsi, but if say you don't like soda altogether you're screwed. As well, it's worth noting these companies consolidated their power by buying up small and medium-sized promoters wherever they could. So if you're an agent or artist manager it's much easier to cater to these giant promoters in the hopes of booking 20-30 dates with one phone call, rather than learning about each local market, who is the right promoter to work with and align with your artist --- and most importantly feeding the very scene that gave birth to this music that we love. They just take & take.

And I think it explains perfectly the explosion of "EDM" / commercial dance music from 2008/9 until last year. Agents and talent buyers with very little history in dance music turning it into stadium rock because quite simply the pay-checks are bigger, much bigger. Their whole business model is about scale. (Very little interest in small parties or artists.) You look at someone like Deadmau5, his rapid ascent was not by accident. There are literally thousands of equally talented artists in Toronto alone. But he is managed by same people as Jay-Z, who then connected him with the same LA-based agency as many pop stars. And with his ridiculous image he dumbed-down the "product" enough so that these talent buyers with no history in electronic music finally jump on board and beat it to death... before they move onto the next trend they can scale upwards. I don't care how much money you offer me, I'm not putting a mouse head to go dj because some clown in a boardroom thinks it will broaden my reach.

Do you think to be successful the Dj should also be a producer? Do these two go together?

There are few djs who are equally talented as producers. Derrick Carter is one artist that comes to mind who does both equally well imo. Atjazz is another off the top of my head.

And in continuation of my previous point, so many of the artists that are getting booked at these "edm festivals" are producers first, but they don't have a live show, and so when asked to perform they play a dj set with very little experience behind the decks and playing in front of people. And so these new fans are paying top dollar to get a pretty poor version of dj culture in many cases. In fact, nowadays if you don't produce, very little chance you'll get booked in most places, and that is not a good thing. Many of the early icons of this culture were deejays first, selectors, who could paint a picture with their track selection and the mood they set.

Do you always prepare music you’ll play in advanced? How do you choose what to take with you as I guess you cannot take everything with you?

Never. I come from the dj culture where you have an idea of vibe or mood, but never a planned set list. That just seems wrong.

Do you follow a concrete line in your mixes or is every single time absolutely independent and different?

Recorded (studio) mixes are different from live mixes, since with live you are playing to the people in front of you at that very moment. And if it doesn't work there, it doesn't matter how good it sounds after the fact, the goal was to rock the party. With a studio / radio mix like this it's fun to play with tempos and styles -- there can be more freedom.

When it comes to a great party, what is your vision of a one? Can you describe it?

200 people, dark room, disco ball, good sound, people not looking at their phones, and preferably without energy drink logos plastered all over the joint.

What inspires you the most as an artist?

That despite all of the challenges I highlighted above and the massive corporatization of dance music in the last decade, there still remains a very committed army of people around the globe dedicated to pushing this music culture forward.

Do you listen to music when you’re on your own? If so what do you listen to?

I never stop listening to music. Listening to promos from other independent labels, demos from artists, upcoming releases.

What do you do in your free time?

Reading, cinema, watching footie, eating tapas.

Can you please share your future plans? Any gigs, releases, podcasts?

We have a busy release schedule with some new releases on the label just in time for the summer. 2017 is the 20th anniversary of Nordic Trax, so doing some planning for that right now. The beat goes on!

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In support of Oxygen EP, Munich's own DJ Linus delivers an exclusive mix for Nordic Trax Radio.

NT099 Oxygen EP is out now everywhere

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Upfront support: Matthias Tanzmann, Dusky, Jimpster, AME, Martin Landsky, Jazzanova, Groove Armada, Danvers (Kassian), Telford, Harri (Sub Club), Joyce Muniz, Shur-I-Kan, Dubfire, Mark Farina, Hector Romero, Matt Prehn, Giom, Jeff K, Sandro Bianchi, Jon Delerious, Robbie Akbal, & many more

Out now:


ARTIST Fish Go Deep @fishgodeep
CAT # NT098


We are proud to welcome Fish Go Deep to the label with the Bone Dry EP. The legendary Irish producers deliver a 3-track ep of modern house music built around pulsating rhythms & deep grooves that continue to push the boundaries of the genre -- essential listening.

Irish duo Fish Go Deep are Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson and should need little introduction to deep house heads. They have been releasing music under this moniker since 1997 on a diverse & influential roster of labels including Innervisions, i Records, Chez Music, Large Music, Local Talk, Seasons, Gourmet, Brique Rouge and their own imprints Go Deep & Ork Recordings.

In 2006 they reached number 1 on both the UK dance and indie charts with ‘The Cure & The Cause’ featuring Tracey K. The original and Dennis Ferrer mixes are firmly enshrined as house music anthems from that decade. Since then the pair have released more than two dozen EPs on their own imprints and other labels, and have remixed a wide variety of house luminaries including Kerri Chandler, Alton Miller, Audio Soul Project, Charles Webster, Jamie Anderson feat. K-Alexi and many others. They first appeared on Nordic Trax remixing ‘Divine in You’ from fellow Irish producer Gavin Boyce in 2012.

The pair have hosted a residency for over 2 decades at their infamous Sweat & Go Deep parties in hometown Cork, where they've honed their skills alongside a who's who of guests, including Laurent Garnier, DJ Deep, Roger Sanchez and Gemini to name a few. You can catch them most weekends at home and abroad doing what they do best: bringing people together on the dancefloor.


Fish Go Deep - Bone Dry EP is out April 19, 2019

All tracks written & produced by Greg Dowling & Shane Johnson. All songs published by Nordic Trax (Socan). Copyright 2019 Nordic Trax

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Fish Go Deep - Stonefac ..

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