Lukas (Lucas Freire) was born in December 1979 in João Pessoa in the state of Paraiba but has been living in Campinas in the state of São Paulo since 1986.
He had his first contact with eletronic music in 1997 …

His professional career as a DJ started in 2000. It didn’t take him very long to show his talent with the decks and his peculiar concern with technique and perfection.
Showing good skills and a lot of hard work Lukas soon started to be a much respected DJ in the Brazilian techno scene.

Always concerned with the growth of the techno scene in Brazil, Lukas has also organized some e- music related events in Campinas and in the outskirts of the city. He was one of the people who organized the first after hour party in Campinas in 2000 and was also a member of the PLAY project, the party that made a transition in the nights of the city.
He is also a member and one of the founders of the FUZU-E team, founded in February 2000, which is responsible for making the most important e-music parties in the city such as TECHCARDIA, just to name one.

His skills were noticed soon by the people and the other DJs and in the year 2001 Lukas was nominated for Best breakthrough DJ by the best e-music site in Brazil RRAURL,

In the next year he was invited to be the resident at A Loca, one of the most famous underground clubs in São Paulo where he stayed for a year.
In the same year he was nominated again for Best breakthrough DJ, this time to the ‘’Noite Ilustrada’’ award, promoted by Folha de São Paulo, the biggest Brazilian newspaper.

The year of 2003 was definitely one of the best years in his career. He was again nominated for the ‘’ Noite Ilustrada’’ award, this time for Best techno DJ.
He also took a big step by opening his ‘’Club Kraft’’ in Campinas, his hometown, opened in September 2003. Lukas is a resident there and also at Lov.e Club&Loung in Sao Paulo, one of the most respected clubs in Brazil.

In December 2004, Lukas went on his first international tour. The invitation was made by DJ Rush, who, impressed with Lukas' heavy and dense music and impressive technique promptly put his agency (Knee deep) to work on arranging his tour.

In 2005 Lukas was again invited to show his work over the Atlantic. This time the invitation was made by Marco Remus, who also invited him to join his agency (Stereo 70). In this same year, Lukas also started to release his first records. His work appears on labels such 340m/s, 6 Feet Under, Cannibal Society, Distorted, Emetic, Hardwork Recs, Killaz, Knebbl Records, Nerven, Nitrosound recs, Subviolenz, Synopsys, Tonica and Tremors. Besides his solo work, Lukas has produced with artists such Chering, Fernanda Martins, Greg NoTill, HardThor, Mahatma, Martyn Hare, Monster Mush, Murphy, Nitrosound, O.B.I. and Torsten Kanzler.

Lukas plays / produces techno, giving more emphasis to hard techno, his favorite variation.

Lukas has played in cities all over Brazil and also in countries like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Holand, Hungary, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia and England.

Among the most important events that he has played at are: A Loca (BR), AFTER + (SPN), APOLO Nitsa (SPN), AQUASELLA FESTIVAL (SPN), BEATKLINIK (DE), Bernabeum (DE), Big Cansil (POR), BLAU Club (SPN), Braindamage Night (SLO), Breakstorm (SPN), Bunka Hill (DE), BUTAN (DE), Campari Techno Festival (BR), Carpe Nocten (DE), CEARÁ MUSIC (BR), CIRCUITO (BR), Clash Club (BR), Club 414 (UK), Club K2 (HU), CODE@FABRIK (SPN), Criminal Night (DE), DANCE VALLEY (HOL), D-Edge (BR), DUAL FESTIVAL (SPN), ELECRTOSONIC FESTIVAL (SPN), FLORIDA 135(SPN), FOOTWORXX (BE), KM4 (BUL), George IV (UK), Galician Hell (SPN), H2Zone Festival (SPN), Habitat (SPN), Highschool Club (DE), KRAFT (BR), KOLOSO (BE), Krudel (SPN), LAGOA (BE), Lago.e (BR), LA COVA (SPN), LA LAITERIE (FRA), LA REAL (SPN), Las Lenhas (BR), LIBERTY WHITE (BE), Lokotron (SPN), Lov.e (BR), M25 (PL), Manga Rosa (BR), Mercado Mundo Mix (BR), MONEGROS DESERT FESTIVAL (SPN), MONTAGOOD (SPN), Metro Club (SK), Mucuripe (BR), N-Joy (LUX), NATURE ONE (GER), Club ONE (SPN), Industrial Copera (SPN), INTEGRADE/Outland Club (NL), PARADA DA PAZ (2002 - BR), PARADA DA AME (2003 - BR), PRO-JEKT (BE), PRO-JEKT Vs. FOOTWORXX NYE 2007 (BE), Reset (SPN), ROW 14 (SPN), RUHR IN LOVE (GER), Sala Amadis (SPN), Sala Mattrix (SPN), SCHRANZ TOTAL, DOM IM BERG (AT) Sky Club (DE), STRASSE E (DE), TECHCARDIA (BR, SPN), The Chaos Theory – Club Poema (NL), TECHNOBASE (AUS), The Influence (BR), TOR3 (DE), Torn de Nit (SPN), TRESOR (DE), TRIVIAL MUSIK 3Y (SPN), TRIVIAL XPERIENCE (SPN), Tunnel Club (ITA), U6011 (DE), Vibe (BR), Club WOM (DE), WOODSHOCK (SLO), CLUB ZORECKS (SPN).

Lukas has been showing his talent doing what he likes to do best!