Klaudia Gawlas has always been fascinated by music.

During a one-year-stay in the USA where she met some fantastic HipHop DJs, she longed for Techno made in Germany, tough! And that's where it all began: she played at a college party in the States and it was obvious that she rocks!Since then electronic music has been a vital part of Klaudia's life.

Although she had several job opportunities but she decided to become a musician and devote herself to extraordinary sounds. And her success proves her right.After playing big events like Nature One or Mayday in Dortmund she has been regarded quite simply as the up-and-coming national DJ!

Because of her unique feeling for tracks and timing as well as her cheerfulness she has thrilled an increasing number of fans.The largest German magazine for electronic music, Raveline Magazine, has also acknowledged her work. Some years ago Klaudia Gawlas was voted Best Newcomer in the magazine's annual reader's poll. In the 2010/11 poll she ranks 15th in the category Best DJ National and she is unstoppable on her way to the top.

Klaudia Gawlas has also produced and released a number of tracks. Among others she has closely cooperated with Eric Sneo on the successful EP "Playground".