By the winter of 2003 he had an idea, to invent something new and unique. That was the time when he founded the New Generation of Hard Techno organization. He started it with one of his best friends and Nilux on 07.02.2004 in the Kashmir Underground club. He first got in connection with the electronic music in 1996, when the hardcore sounding was very close to him. It was soon replaced by the techno, especially the hard line. He first met with this sounding in 1999, when he heard Dj Rush mixes. From that moment, he became his icon. He realized that this style is closest to him. This is what he feels his own and he wants to raise its sounding with his work. His style is characterized by the fast, dirty, hard and groovy beats.

First, he got a chance to show his musical knowledge on a party called Independence at Kashmir on 26th October 2002 under the name G-Rock. In March 2004 he met with Reset, with whom he started making music. Their first track ‘Dirty Sweaty', (because of the many positive feedbacks) he sent to DJ Rush, who wanted more new music from these young artists. After Rush played some of their tracks on I Love Techno festival and on many other famous parties, more publishers gave
attention to the music of the young producers. This is how their success took them to Sven Wittekind, who didn’t hesitate much and gave them the opportunity to release their first record under the label of Inflicted Records. After that, their second record was released in the form of a remix, and O.B.I became a new resident of the NGOHT team with his own label, Tekktribe.

The common-started organization with Nilux and his tracks with Reset made him famous in the country, and took him to many rural (Highlander, Zenith, Alcatraz) and cape town clubs (Sonic, Club 11). In 2005 he got the chance to show the sounding of his own hard techno music on one of Hungary’s biggest events- Mayday.

The year 2006 brought him the real breakthrough, when he first played on bigger events abroad. After the first acts, DJ Ocram’s booking agency- Combat Skill, took him and Reset under their wings. Ocram didn’t count them only as disc jockeys, but also as producers. He released two tracks of them in the same year under his own label.

In 2007 he founded his own label, the NGOHT RECORDS, which will be releasing in the future the work of the residents and other young Hungarian talents, arm-in-arm with some mixes of famous producers.