Real name(s): Nikola Velkovski
Place of living: Skopje, Macedonia
Email: nvelkovski(at)

Since 1998 Kikola is infected with the electronic beats. His younger years were filled with music and that's why nowadays he has a broad appreciation of all types of music. Immediately when he got exposed to the clubs and raves, he got hooked to the vibe, the crowd and the atmosphere and it was a matter of time before he purchased his first "set up" and begun mastering the art of DJing, thus proving his mixing abilities to the audience. Right now he is part of the party organization "Transforma" based in Macedonia, which concentrates mostly on presenting progressive as well as psychedelic electronic music. His style varies from the grooviest to the hardest psy - progressive part of the stream (mainly because of the heavy influence from the girls). He has been playing around the Balkans on both commercial and underground parties.