KarPe was born in 1982 in Szczecin, Poland. He has been fascinated by the sounds of copyleft music for a couple of years. Because he wanted to share his fascination he founded "internetova.muzyka.pl" in July 2005 which was the first website in Poland promoting netlabels. Encouraged by the service's success he started the mini-platform: "internetova muzyka extra".

On Christmas Eve 2005 he released the "Last Christmas I Gave U My Track" compilation. On this release you can find tracks of producers from Szczecin, e.g. Votchik, Misz, 2v and Dubai Quartet. After this he started playing netaudio tracks. In his dj sets he shows a variety of minimal sounds, from straight minimal techno to minimal-dub-house.

At present he is planning to develop both the website & the platform [internetova.muzyka.pl/internetova muzyka extra] and to start an audiovisual project with people from his hometown.

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