Julio Largente

Julio Largente is an Argentinean Dj & producer that has been in the scene for several years now. At young age, he started producing Techno, but afterwards, got mainly into progressive house scene, influenced by international mainstream djs. His tracks would be soon found suitable for artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and many other wellknown djs & producers around the world, playing them, charting and giving great feedback.

In the year 2004 he founded Opendecks, becoming the most genuine underground movement in his local area. As opendecks parties resident, he had played along many great Argentinean and International Djs and also played abroad.

In 2008, Opendecks turned into Opendecks Records, place from where he can express his musical taste and feelings, by selecting the most finest music for releasing. www.opendecksrecords.com

As a producer, he has signed music on labels like Offside Recordings, Acute Recordings, Augenring Records, Noizen, USB Digital, Bit Records Mexico, Eletrodomesticos, Vise Versa Music, and of course Opendecks Records. He has also been guest on several radio shows, on Frisky Radio, Proton, Ksk Radio, and had his own show on showtimeradio hungary.

His sound nowadays, claims his early techno influences, defining a sort of eclectic style, combining strong groovie basses, electric fxs, and emotional melodic patterns, Melodic techno we could say.