Ivo Bliznakov, a.k.a IveX was born in 1986 in Mezdra.
He found his way into the electronic sounds and music in his early child's age till 2003, when IveX, with his friend - Technical, and few more boys started to organize parties on "local" level.
Ivex style has modified from harder tehno in the beginning to hard tehno and even gabba in the period between 2005-2007. In the autumn of 2005 he and Technical began to organize parties in Sofia and Varna and late in the winter of the same year they decided to create Hi-Tech Sounds. Today Ivex style is mensural and sometimes very fast hard techno.
In the beginning of 2008 Ivex joined DFS organization (young but very ambicious organization from Varna) which main goal is to organize more parties and to promote and make the electronic music famous in Bulgaria and in the world.
The story goes on....
You can contact me on: +359 884 299 466 or:
skype: I_v_e_X