Hassan Rassmy

Being a musical enthusiast for as long as he can remember, Hassan was inspired by the first Midi Controller he had since he was 9; he discovered the joy of underground electronic music in the end of the 90's. By '98, Hassan was introduced to underground rave parties and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, the people and most importantly, the music.

His feelings for electronic music started to grow and soon evolved into a great passion. At the end of '2001, together with his friends, Hassan started dabbling in party promotions and focusing more on his music production along with his studies (Computer Science Engineering) which was very hard to compromise between them. Also he had to give a short break to complete his military service.

Having experienced progressive house music mostly on the dance-floor, Hassan started to prefer the kind of uncompromising house that would fill your body with energy and make you want to continue dancing. If it had a rough edge to it, it was even better. This simple preference is the foundation of what Hassan works very hard to give every dance floor.

With his blend of energetic, progressive and pumping beats Hassan has gotten great responses from all kinds of dance floors. He also got great feedbacks and support for his production from big named Djs/Producers who had been his inspiration like Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Moshic, Martin Garcia, Powerplant, John Morgan, Tarkan, Gustavo Di Tomasso, and the list goes on.

Starting as a strictly underground DJ & Producer, spinning at loads of local parties, Hassan has gone from strength to strength by launching his show “The Passage” with his Greek friend dj denKo on Frisky Radio every 2nd Mondays.

In 2009 Hassan has made it to no. 34 in the Dj Mag Middle East.

His dream is to play and be heard by as many people as possible with his unique style and production.