Guy Salama

Guy Salama is one of the most known DJ's in Israel. Being a veteran broadcaster, he is hosting the weekly trance show 'BPM FM – Trance on air', which features the biggest acts and producers of the international trance scene, on Radio 99Esc (one of the most influential radio stations in Israel of all kinds of DANCE music).Guy's first trance compilation 'b trance' (HOMmega/2003), named after his first trance radio show in this compilation. for this debut project he joined Astrix for the opening track, called 'Chaos' – a trance classic, which remixed by Pixel and Wrecked Machines. His second compilation based on his recent trance radio show 'BPM FM - Trance on air' (HOMmega/2005) For this project, Guy collaborated with Psy Craft and together they released 'Alegria'. Right after that Guy & X-noiZe produced 'Insert Silence' for their debut album- Mental Notes. and start Producing with MC Jah-natan (Sub6) the massive hit 'Out Loud'. Guy just fineshed his latest track together with Dali 'Connect To The Source' for her upcoming debut album. Now he is already in first stages of works with Black & White for his own album project, which will feature collaborations with Israeli promising producers and some wild remixes for trance classics.Guy started to headline massive events in Israel like the 'Orange / BU99FM Play & Music festival 2003' (25,000 ppl), 'Esc / Red City 2004' 2005' (10,000 ppl), Israel's 'Love Parade 2004' 2005' (200,000 ppl) and 'TIP World tour 2004 in Eilat (8,000 ppl. It was only a matter of short time before Guy was called to play outside of Israel and present his unique sets of club oriented trance music. At the New Year Eve of 2005 Guy played with DJ Scott Project in Turkey (the event was sold out), in May 2005 he played with 'Infected Mushroom' in Cyprus in a special 'concert', and again on August 2005 in Aya Napa @ the ICE club, Future booking dates include gigs in Brazil and Russia.