Gabriel aka gab! started to learn djing in 1992. the first steps were in hiphop and chart-dance music, heavy metal as well. from 1995 - 1997 he was playing styles like hardcore, jungle & d&b, before he gets infected with psytrance and progressive trance.

This was also the time, when he first play on smaller parties.

Since 2004 he is playing on various web-radios, where he gets the first contact with an record label. from 2005 on he was playing for balloonia records (blissbits media).

Bad luck: the label ran out of money in 2006. Now in 2007, after a longer break, he starts to play on parties again. for 2008 he is looking for a new label, which needs an powerful and professional dj.

Style: progressive & psychedelic trance, up to full on.

booking contact: djgab[at]gmx[.]net