Franky Ros

Franky Ros is the minimal project by Francesco Roselli.
He was born in Napoli in 1985. When he was child many electronic toys have quickly introduced him to the world of music. At the age of 10 he invented a scratch system from a cassette deck, destroying audio systems all around his house.
At the age of 12 his dad gives him a professional dj keyboard and so he discovered his true passion for the music and the sense of the rhythm that day after day grew him inside. Thanks to this, at the age of 14 he succeeds in buying his first dj console, with which he trains to play his first vinyls.At the age of 15 he launches himself into the world of private parties where he matures great experience in djing and in the year 2001 he become the resident dj of the Blue Light Pub in Cava De’Tirreni.
In 2003 he made his biggest event never made before: his 18st birthday party, where it makes him know from all the people of his city (for his music and for the public damages!! ).In 2004 he continues to grow his club culture, playing house music in all the places of Salerno and province.In 2005 he attended a professional dj course in Naples, during which he develops the ear of the musical producer and start making his first tracks.
Nowaday Franky plays and produces minimal related music and his tracks can be listened online on many Label and NetLabel sites.His skill is in continuous evolution!