Fractal Phono

Rory (F.P.) has been a musician since the age of 10, playing electric guitar and bass in numerous punk bands as well as the jazz ensemble in high school. The pace of punk rock and complex arrangements of the jazz stuff would eventually lead to an interest in some bad ass electronic music. Although an element of psychedelia has been present in Rory's musical projects, psy-trance proved elusive until 2001. Since then he has played across the east coast, proving his abilities producing and spinning murky psychedelic-progressive trance and full-on, nighttime music as well as becoming a resident DJ for Gaian Mind in Philadelphia, PA. At any of Fractal Phono's bookings, you can expect a set full of psychedelic synergy! A full length album is still in the works and as soon as a cure for O.C.D. comes along, the release of the album will surely be quick to follow.