Matthias a.k.a. FL-X was born in 1983 near Berlin, Germany. Being very interested in music he started making music with the guitar and the e-guitar. But his heart was always beating for electronic music.
In 1999 he started producing tracks on his own. Although he had no idea about how to do so, and no one had told him, he made music that is settled between Trance and Hardstyle.
In 2001 he visited the Tresor where he was confronted with Techno for the first time. This monotone and hard music faszinated him so much, that he changed his style of music. From that time on he listened to Techno and "Schranz" and began to produce music influenced by Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Thomas Schuhmacher, DJ Amok, DJ Rush and Sven Wittekind. His favourite style today is Hardtechno but he is still open for other kinds of electronic music.
In may 2004 he started making his first liveacts and in november he played on Against-Silence, an Internet Radio Stream, at their 7th Special.
In october 2005 he made his first clubliveact in kashmir-club in hungary.
His first record was released in 2007 on the new spanish label Killfactory Recordings. Furthermore his partnership with the spanish agency TrivialMusik made him more popular, especially in Spain.
At the beginning of 2008 he joined Artillery Bookings, one of the strongest booking agencies in Hardtechno. But although he still works together with TrivialMusik for Spain.