The Faces was established in 2004, jointly by Laszlo Csak and Gyorgy Meszaros. They come from different parts of Hungary but the loyalty towards music has brought them together. In the mid-nineties they both oriented to the electronic music. Gyorgy Meszaros started to play the piano when he was a child. His passion for music played a crucial role in his educational orientation. His commitment to electronic music has been reflected in his chosen subject at the University: "The social effect of electronic music on young generation". He had organized several parties - where he also performed - in the western regions of the country.

Laszlo Csak has been working as a DJ in Budapest for 10 years. Since he was a child his interest has been captured and engaged by music and it has become part of his life. Not only he works as a DJ but also participates in musical programs and events. During his career he had a chance to work with a number of national and international DJs.

In the mid-nineties they both oriented to the electronic music. Their first work was Tsunami, which has been put on a hungarian compilation mixed by Chriss in 2006. In the november of 2006 they won a remix contest of Quasar – October. This year in february Nosmoking Recordings released their „Instrumental Essences” EP inculding a V-Sag and Tarkan Remix. In these months they are working on more remixes, own works, and their first mix cd. Their music are mainly inspired by positive and also negative experiences of their lives. Deep sounds, natural and electric tunes make their tracks complete.

Website: http://www.facesmusic.hu