Evgeny, urban dweller of Israel's quiet & nice shoreline city Herzliya, was born in ‘82 and migrated to Israel from the Ukraine in 1990, like many others at that time. Already from early youth he discovered electronic music for himself, but growing up as a foreigner & joining the army didn't leave much time to get involved in the music scene.

Only in 2005 he decided to create the www.aero-groove.com project to help & promote the electronic music scene which he liked, featuring DJ's & artists with their music from all around the globe.

Almost in no time the site became very popular due to the high quality music it offered & the support of top names representing the many different electronic music genres it contained.

After managing the site and being head full in music 24/7 towards the end of 2005, Evgeny got infected with the DJ fever & decided to become one as well. Shortly after 2006 had started, Evgeny was already on stage behind the decks in clubs & dance bars around Israel and is now considered to be an uprising star of the electronic music scene in Israel . Recently he has joined Beefrecords as a label DJ & represents it in Israel as well as world wide.

Apart from being a DJ and running the Aero-Groove project Evgeny is the co-founder of the " New Era Management " booking agency, together with his partner DJ Zombi.

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