Eto & Gab

Eto was born in 1980 in Sao Paulo city, but was in Campinas city, Sao Paulo state, where he lived and began his trajectory in music. At the school times, influenced by the Hardcore as a bass former in a band, he started to introduce eletronic sounds to the band, developed the taste by techno music and began to frequent underground parties and clubs, where he met Gab, born in 1982 (Campinas city, Sao Paulo , Brasil) gotten passionate by electronic beats already from 10 years old.
The 90´s dance music introduced her it in the djs´ world, when she not even knew what was a mixer, but already tried, in the way that she found, what was being a dj when she spined in little parties of her friends.

Their launch as djs was in August 2001 at the legendary "Play" club, the first underground electronic music project in Campinas city, Brazil, promoted by Dj Lukas. In 2002 they started, with Dj Lukas and partners, the famous rave " Techcardia" ,one of the biggest Techno parties in the city, which counted with great names of techno in many editions like Dj Murphy, PET Duo, Jamie Bissmire and Ben Long aka SPACE DJZ, Dj Rush, Marco Remus, Chris Liebing, Dj Emerson, Al Ferox, Dj Tonio, D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Holgi Star, Julian Liberator, Harald Klotzberg, Sven Wittekind, Lars Klein, Andreas Kremer, Alex Bau aka Basic Implant, Camilo Rocha, Mara Bruiser, Kammy, among others.

In just a short time they became residents, during 2005, in "A Loca" club (Sao Paulo/Brazil), which is known since the 90´s like one of the most underground clubs in the metropolis. Up next they are resident in "Kraft" club (Campinas/Brazil), also promoted by dj Lukas, and in 2007 they started a residence in "Lov.e" club (Sao Paulo/Brazil), famous by having over 10 years the best djs of all the electronic genres.

In April 2007 Eto and Gab did their first European Tour, marking the beginning of an international career, and becoming famous by their
presentations in great clubs and festivals in Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Austria and Malta.


In 2006, Eto & Gab already got a repertoire of own tracks, and in their night of residence in " Lov.e" club, they launched their new live! project "Motormorfoses" in a two hours performance, totally live, incorporating since the beginning an innovative and proper style.

The great reception of their acts in 4 decks and "Motormorfoses" live project in Europe, was the open door to release tracks in great Hard Techno labels like Kne´Deep, Beast Music, Mental Torments, Domestic Violence, Cannibal Society, among others.

In 2008, Eto & Gab created a new project; "Velotrois" live, with which they show their roots in techno music, bringing back the most classic and pure style of techno that introduced them to it, however keeping their main characteristic of innovative and different tracks.