Peter Dvorak alias Electribe was born in 1982 in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. Since he was very young, Peter started to take some music lessons. His parents bought him piano when he was 7 years old. He started working with electronic sound, experimenting in different styles and genres late in the summer of 2003, with no intention of making music, only with 8 years of playing on piano. Peter has always showed an interest for electronic dance music, especially for melodic, euphoric and uplifting trance. However, each next work showed that trance music is the genre he could find himself in.

It motivated him to work on improvement of his sound, so he devoted a number of years to learning the basics of sound engineering and digital mastering. He was introduced to arranging and composing of music mostly by himself or in parallel, watching the works of the new wave trance and progressive producers such as Alex Morph, Armin van Buuren, Daniel Kandi, Leon Bolier, Tiesto, Sean Tyas, Aly & Fila ... (special thanks to the Bohemian talented producers Thomas Coastline and Jean Luc).

Electribe decided to suppress activities as a DJ and he is fully applying oneself as a producer and remixer of the music containing progressive, trance and electro sound. Nowadays, his brand new tracks and remixes are about to be released very soon! Of course he is interested in a collaboration with other talented artists, too.

Electribe pres "Be Around In A Trance"

"Be Around In A Trance" is a free podcast that focuses on the energetic, vocal, uplifting and melodic side of trance, published bi-weekly, mixed by Electribe. Whether it will be an afterhours party, commuting to work or on the way to the club, this show will put you in the right frame of mind. Only the newest tunes selected