EarthAngel started in the scene 13 years ago, in the very early days, mainly playing to the outdoor & indoor parties that were local to his area. Prior to this, he was a DJ for The Lemon Tree, playing the sound of Goth, New Wave & Alternative. He also played the bass for Goth band Cabala and stood in as a session bassist for punk band Raggity Anne (highly rated by the late John Peal, BBC Radio 1), when required.

Influenced by the sound of bands such as Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Juno Reactor, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and many more, he stayed true to the Electronic & Psychedelic sound of dance music. Parties such as: Its Delicious, Zulu Nation, Gold, Mix-Dup, Fundamental Systems, The Swamp Sound System, Trogg, as well as venues such as the Northern England former legendary underground venue, The Arches, all had the pleasure of hearing his combined non pigeon-holed style of Goa Trance and Psy Trance, which was laced with harder trance at that time.


His true musical dance roots have always been the sound of Goa Trance and Psy Trance. Maybe this was due to his Psychedelic Rock phase many years agoa natural progression for him to move forward from, going around in a complete cycle, and return with open arms to the Psy & Goa scene, and in light of this, giving many out there the sound of Psylicious along with Mistress Jade.

For the past four years, EarthAngel has been establishing his brand, Psylicious and The Psylicious Collective, along with partner and joint owner, USA Psy Trance sensation, Mistress Jade.

EarthAngels DJ sets have been witnessed at Londons legendary venue, The Fridge, as well as being resident for all Psylicious events and Psylicious tours complimenting performances by Mistress Jade. He also plays and co-hosts The Psylicious Radio Show, with Mistress Jade, which can be heard on, each Saturday night from 21:00 (GMT).

EarthAngel leads a spiritual life, hence the name. He believes strongly in the spiritual connection between his way of life and the psychedelic organic sound of Goa Trance and the metallic sound of Psy Trance. This connection alone drives him forward, his sets bringing both elements together, rewarding the crowd before him with his psychedelic and angelic audio finesse.

EarthAngel is managed exclusively by Psylicious and its Collective of high breed artists and DJs.


TEL: +44 (0)1246 210832 / +44 (0)7904 388675


"We all have three eyes, two that we see with and one that we DO see with."
(EarthAngel 02/07)

"There are many theories in life, but even more so in death."
(EarthAngel 07/07)