DJNfinity / Psyentifica

Born: Aug.11.1982 in deva, Romania to very young and loving world class athlete parents.

Residence: In the hills of Salmon Arm, BC- Canada.

Started: november 2000 with fruityloops version 1 in the persuit of musical experimentation listen to: a lot of music- all the time, mainly trance(hi energy to chill), but i love and appreciate all music. joys: girls, sound, family, food, driving, sports, photo's, new sensations/experiences, life, dreams, sunshine, and big white cumulonimbus clouds. Stuff crossed the atlantic with my family in 89 emigrating to Canada as refugees from Romania, been going to University of Victoria for 5 years and still don't have a degree, studied piano at the royal conservatory of music and took advanced electronic music/composition/theory at University.