DJ River

My Info¬
My name is River Ed?n aka DJ River. I live in Stockholm, Sweden! I was born in 1979 in a small town up north of Sweden and moved to Stockholm when I was 20 y/o.

I’ve been into all sorts of music since I can remember. But through out the years I've become more and more interested in the electronic music genree...
And today, Im totally addicted! There is nothing better than a day filled with music, in other words;

My Mixing¬
First of all I choose the tracks very carefully. I then ensure the tracks fit together nicely. I believe the combination of these two elements is the most important aspect of the mix. When I have made a mix that contains those elements in a a smooth blend, I know I’ve made a successful mix. I treat the creation of the mixes as a competition with myself. It’s not always easy and its very time consuming. Despite the challenge, I never quit.

Another thing about my mix creations is that I always try to make them as timeless as possible. I don’t use commercial music for this reason. To be honest, I’m not that keen on commercial music anyway.

"an emotional journey through mind and soul" with my mixes and I hope I will create these feelings for you aswell..

My Story¬
It all began in the early 2001 (before I decided to become a dj)...
only had 2 or 3 tracks that where good, and the rest just crap!
So, I abandoned the traditional music store life in order to try to find something more suitable to ease my need for quality. I started to search and download mixed sets on the net, just to find out that even there I couldnt find a reliable source to fill my musical needs. Well, I did find some quality stuff, but the truth is that the majority of online dj mixes are almost by default based on low quality, bad mixing and not to forget; low bitrates(!) who wich oftens is the cause to the final & instant deaths for most mixes, even the promising ones.
My conclusion: The commercial music market = sucked (and still sucks). Low bitrates = mix killers!