Dj. KrlO2 / "El venado azul/The blue deer"

Is a hart house & dark techno mexican DJ.
He has been an animal beast for more of 20 years, partying in mythical festivals like Kazantip in Ukraine, ADE in Netherlands, MITO in Italy, Sunwaves in Romania, Sonar in Spain, Creamfields in Argentina, and attending some of the best world venues for electronic music as Fabric in U.K, Berghain in Germany, Bhuda Bar in Hungary, and many others in USA, Singapore, Egypt, , Croatia, Serbia, Colombia and off course Mexico.
His musical background goes from rock & roll from the 60´s and 70´s, industrial sounds of the late 80´s to the trance, techno and hardcore scene of the port of Rotterdam, where he lived in the end of the 90´s.
The project of DJ. КгЛО2 combines an exquisite selection of the cutting edge 21st century dark techno from all over the world mixed in a sense to create hard atmospheres for never ending dancers.
The image of DJ. КгЛО2 is a syncretism from the God and Devil figure of “Kauymari”, “the old brother, the mythical blue deer” that stills venerated by the original people of Jalisco and Nayarit States : The so called Huicholes or Wixaritari.

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